Real Estate

BlueRoad Ventures acquires and manages high-quality, well-located properties in stable and growing markets across the United States. Our investment and management strategy focuses on one goal: creating value. That strategy is driven by a set of guiding principles:


  • Invest in high-quality properties with competitive features
  • Acquire the properties at a discount to replacement cost
  • Commit our own capital to align our interests with our investors’
  • Close our deals with creative, yet prudent, capital structures
  • Maintain a hands-on, value-add approach to managing our assets
  • Focus on innovative ways to add value to each asset
  • Reassess exit strategies throughout the asset lifecycle



Our Strengths:




With a focus on creating value and delivering superior risk-adjusted returns, BlueRoad targets: value-add properties ripe for redevelopment or repositioning, development projects with local developers, and core properties with a reliable income yield and residual value. Our investment approach is tightly disciplined, with close attention to real estate fundamentals at the asset level.


Asset Management 


We employ a hands-on, value-add approach to managing our assets. While we follow a structured asset management process, we are entrepreneurial and deliver innovative, customized solutions. For each asset, we formulate a custom-tailored plan that spells out its performance goals as well as the risks and opportunities on the path to achieving those goals. The plans include short- and long-term objectives for property management, leasing, and capital improvements.


At every step, we rigorously manage revenues and operating expenses. At the same time, we look for new ways to enhance the tenants’ experience and increase the asset’s value. The result: exceptional environments for our tenants and superior returns for our investors.